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Our Story.

We are a very small team of 4 based in London who are dedicated to making our clients happy.  Our workshop is in the heart of London’s jewellery district in Hatten Garden.  We aim to give a refreshing feel to an industry that has become plagued with “sell sell sell” and mass production and cutting corners and meeting sales targets.  People are often on the defence when purchasing a new piece of jewellery, and not without good reason – the industry is rife with jewellery that we just wouldn’t dare sell. We understand that it is quite often people first time custom making a piece of jewellery and that it is a very big investment for them so we want it done right.  We are not pushy!  What we try to do is to educate our clients as best as possible to let them decide what they want.  We absolutely recommend having a good shop around as well. 


We have a wide range of new and old skills in our team.  For example,  Simon is quite happy to work on CAD’ed pieces and use the laser welder, whereas,  Nic, with over 25 years of experience, prefers traditional methods such as hand fabrication and using the torch. The technique is not the most important.  It’s about using the correct methods to get the design the client wants. 

When you’re shopping for a piece of jewellery,  this is what you’ll find: a street of retailers with all the same jewellery trying to undercut each other, and stay competitive by trimming on the quality.  Or if you want to be sure it’s quality, you can pay way above the odds for a brand name on Bond Street.  What if you want something handmade in London, with a diamond that is competitively priced?  That us.  

There is no shortage of places to buy a diamond.  We’ve all heard it for years,  retailers complaining that their markup has gone and that it’s so difficult to make money on a diamond sale. They’re absolutely right. So we don’t try. What we do is feature our own strengths which is to custom make, in our London workshop where you can come for visit and chat, from scratch a piece designed by you, to your exact preference and to the highest quality possible. 

We’ve found that a lot of our clients wanted their already loved pieces repaired or fully restored.  Without a doubt,  some of our happiest clients have been from full restorations or repairs. We have a dedicated site just for this sort of thing. Anything from a chain repair to a full restoration.

Meet the Team.


Simon did a goldsmith apprenticeship with this father in Canada right out of school.  After completing 5 years working with the family business.  He went on to work in Vancouver for a year,  and then moved to London in 2009.  Arriving in London he got a job working in Hatton garden as a goldsmith for 6 more years until it was time he started his own business. 


Fran has always been around jewellery. His family ran a jewellery business in Spain and his father was a watchmaker and horologist.  He has completed 2 years training in a jewellery school, EASD Mestre Mateo  In 2015 he came to the UK from Spain where he started to expand on his jewellery making experience.  He’s been working with us now for 1.5 years and soaking up new skills very quickly.  With a perfect eye for detail and patients, he can absolutely maintain the standard of jewellery that we and our clients need.  


Ryan is the backbone of the team.  He is the point of contact for every task with us. In 2001 Ryan got his first part time job working with a high street jewellery shop which sparked his interest in the industry.  After a year,  he started working with a family run jewellers,  before going on to work in Hatton garden for the next 13 years in sales and management positions.   Safe to say Ryan has a wealth of experience in the industry, organisation and customer care.  Every single piece is quality controlled by Ryan to make sure it meets the clients standard (and our standard)

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